“We Started Doing YouTube Before ALL These Teams!” Kenningwell United FC interview

Why Kenningwell Need to Jump Back on YouTube?

In this new interview, I am joined by Kenningwell United’s Manager Craig “Pittsy” Nelson & long-time club captain and legend Junior Baker as we discuss the Kenningwell transition stage, the rich history and the apparent rivalries that have been created.

Kenningwell United have a proud history and one that they can marvel at due to the number of trophies they have won each year. One can immediately look to their most recent trophy success in the President’s Charity Cup where they beat Blendon FC in the final as an indicator to the success they are accustomed to.

Due to the new age of grassroots football and how it is covered with institutions like Rootz TV and UrFreshTVSport the affairs of grassroot clubs are easily accessible to the average fan. In addition to that, clubs have been more inclined to increase their fanbase and awareness through the provision of YouTube content and coverage of their games and their players.

Baiteze, SE Dons, Lambeth All Stars are some examples of teams that have led the way in terms of the growth of YouTube content for grassroot clubs.

I proposed the question, why as successful and as prominent Kenningwell are, have they not delved into the YouTube scene to promote their content and the response was surprising.

“We started doing YouTube before all of these teams, going back 15 years”, said club captain Junior Baker. “We were never blessed with the media personnel and the resources to maintain the high level of quality and consistent content that we want to produce.”

He added in a defiant tone that “YouTube teams have highlighted to the scene how good Kenningwell are without us having to go into YouTube, it has almost become an entertainment”.

I totally respect and understand this line of thinking shared by Junior Baker; however, I do disagree. I disagree due to the very same message that Craig Nelson and Junior Baker shared to me.

“Kenningwell boast of high-quality hospitality and it is centred around the old school Caribbean type grandad feel, taking care of others is second nature to us and its sets the bar at a level that is difficult for others to reach”.

Kenningwell have a brand that I believe needs to be shared on a platform, we want to experience their on-pitch vibes and their off-pitch welfare. Fans deserve to know Kenningwell from their perspective and what better time to engage with the online audience that will be available to them instantly.

In addition to this, Kenningwell have been in a transition stage where their club has not necessarily been the go-to club due to the vast amount of Sunday League teams providing coverage through YouTube.

This has obviously coincided with a number of high-profile players pursuing careers with other clubs: Winja, Matty Warren, Big G and NJ Neita to name a few.

Baker said “75% of the league I am in, the core of most of the rival teams are from Kenningwell”. Pittsy added that “A lot of the teams we created rivalries with are no longer in this league or are no longer a dominant force”. He added that “We as a club have no rivalries outwardly, people are trying live up to our name and success”.

This re-emphasises the strength in depth Kenningwell once had and indeed still do have due to their ability to continuously provide a competitive team that can cause the best of teams a lot of problems on any given day.

Kenningwell recognise that teams “put out their best against us” which means they obviously understand that they are relevant, and their bar is still the goal for a lot of other teams aspire to. Despite this, there is a vacuum still to be filled.

The aura given off from both Junior and Pittsy was contentment during my sit down and deservedly so as between the two of them they have seen all the successful years of Kenningwell. However why Kenningwell have been able to succeed and last so long is their ability to continuously strive to conquer across all the other teams no matter what they are doing, and the provision of YouTube content will be a step to solidifying their already developed “legacy”.

Big G in the SE Dons most recent video said in the pre match team talk that “When you are the champions you have to make sure you never lose that hunger, that is the worst thing that can happen to someone who is successful”.

My desire to see Kenningwell joining the YouTube scene despite their reservations stems from a comparison with Arsenal that I see. No doubts that Arsenal’s recent form has not been the best in recent times failing to win the league since the 2003-04 season as well as failing to qualify for the Champions League since the 2016-17 season.

This blip in the 21st century has been as a result of the lack of quality investment in their team and a lack of hunger in my opinion, living in the past essentially.

Teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have seen investments lead to consistent challenging for the top honours in football. As a traditional big club Arsenal have dropped off the pace and now that grassroots football is seeing mass coverage due to the use of YouTube heavily increasing awareness, it’s a trend I believe Kenningwell cannot afford to miss out on.


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Written by Daniel Bamiji

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