"We could lose 5-2 and make a banging video!" 5ive Guys FC

Keeping up with a regular theme during lockdown two, we here at Rootz TV take time out to get to know grassroots teams in more detail.

5ive Guys FC (not the fast food restaurant) are great bunch of lads that are based in North London that have been doing their thing for a hot minute so it's only right we find out a little more behind the brand.

Tell us about your journey and how your team first got started?

We joined an under 18’s, 5 a side league, starting in division 3. It’s still the same team as the 5 or so boys from 2018. At the start we hardly won any games so it’s cool that we’re now hardly ever beaten. Winning and sticking with the same group makes it even more special.

Once we started getting some wins and were scoring some really nice goals we brought a camera down .This was before YouTube football was really a thing, it was only the dons doing it really. So we just wanted to film it for our own entertainment and to see our goals.

We got the camera down and started recording just the games , we didn’t even post the videos . After about a year we started posting and then about 6 months later started addressing the camera and showing the characters you see today.

So you guys are active on socials but even MORE active on the pitch. How often do you train/play?

We don’t train . We play once a week. Throughout the year there isn’t one such league we commit to. We sort of do a few months 5 a side, a few months 7 a side and sprinkle of 11 a side friendlies. Over the next year we’d like to join an 11 a side league . We’d want to do it right tho!

We've been filming for two years now and every vid gets better and the boys are starting to play up to the camera more which is great.

You man come across as very humble but entertaining guys. How would you describe your team's personality?

We’d like to think we’re one of the funnest teams in the whole scene. We’re young and raw but we show off our personality in the way we play and the way we banter/interact.

We don’t claim to be the best technically , but it works better that way. A lot of teams build their whole brand on being “The best team” which makes their whole success results-dependant. We could lose 5-2 and make a banging video! We want to make the viewer tune in for the laughs as well as the football.

There’s Ethan who’s the team joker. He knows how to wind up each and every player which is a gift.

There’s Louis, who’s our keeper and one of the most passionate in the team.

There’s Ryan, our captain who’s pretty scary and is the sorta guy to shout at you when you’re 3-0 up.

There’s Theo who only talks with his feet and Adrian, who’s a bit of everything . There’s too many to mention....

During your two years, you guys have produced some FIRE content! What would you say is your BEST upload?

Wow! Tough question mannnn!

I’m going to HAVE to say the recent one “WE ALLOWED SLIDE TACKLES AT 5 A SIDE...” only because it went kinda viral and is on 51k views. Also because it was the first time we included commentary. However, there are several videos which are so entertaining and even have good re-watch value.

Lastly, what's your future ambitions for your team?

I think there’s no real end goal which makes it exciting. We’d love to incorporate big guests in our challenge videos and keep growing as a channel.

But to be honest, it’s a real family now and I’d say the biggest hope is just that in 5 years, we’re playing football together as the same group , with or without the cameras and lights.


Instagram: @5iveguysfc

Twitter: @5iveguysfc