1). Baiteze Squad custom-made boots in partnership with New Balance

The Baiteze boys may have left it late in the year but they sure made history alright!

In December they introduced to the world their very own Tekela and Furon boots in partnership New Balance. Each boot not only represents where they are from in East London but the grassroots football YouTube scene they represent.

2). Grenfell Athletic - Fabric of the Community

Grenfell Athletic's 'Fabric of the Community' campaign has definitely put the world on notice. After the tragedy of Grenfell tower in 2017, donning the green colours of GAFC keeps the 72 we lost forever in our hearts and minds.

Everyone from musician Sam Smith to Chelsea FC have had the pleasure of wearing the shirt which only goes to show the love and support the community has behind Grenfell Athletic FC.

3) Rising Ballers meeting Gareth Southgate

Rising Ballers have had one hell of a year both on and off the pitch. Defeating SE Dons albeit in a friendly in a battle of the YouTube giants in amongst working with brands such as SportBible and Lucozade has firmly cemented their place in grassroots football.

But for me, meeting and then training with England manager Gareth Southgate tops the lot. After 'pump-faking' that Gaffer Maz was looking to leave the club, Southgate appearance was kept secret much to the surprise of the entire RB squad.

4). SE Dons retain Paul Picard Cup

The Dons do what Dons do...WIN AT ALL COSTS! Whether that means starting the Doncast and pulling in high-calibre guests such as Manny and treble-winning striker Andy Cole or working with brands such as Puma and German Donor Kebab.

As great as that all sounds....SILVERWARE always counts and when they sealed their second Paul Picard Cup in a row they showed why they are 'Pioneers of Grassroots Football'.

5). Lambeth Allstars winning the London Cup Final

LAS Life is not just a catchy tagline but a lifestyle for the Lambeth boys. As mentioned above silverware is what counts when it's all said and done and after winning the London Cup final in their first season as a club, it deservedly gives them the kudos and bragging rights to be labelled the "best team in London" and be able to back it up.