Football can be a stressful game a times....TO SAY THE LEAST!

⚽ Players not following orders

⚽ Players turning up late to games OR NOT AT ALL!

⚽ Referee decisions not going your way

The list is ENDLESS...

With all these scenarios thrown into the mix, here's some of the most angriest rants we've come across in 2020.....ENJOY! (unless you're part of that team and in this case...I feel for!) 🤬🤬🤬

1). Apple Westcott (TAKERS FC v United House)

Never have I ever been this rattled in my life since I was a child 🤣. Bearing in mind, Takers FC won the game (SPOILER ALERT!), gaffer Apple was NOT HAPPY!

"You've conceded three goals against f*cking idiots"

Thankfully I had to rely on the Takers FC team to provide me with the footage because as soon as I heard "CUT THE CAMERAS" I went into obedient school-boy mode and down tools.....I WAS RATTLED and I hadn't even kicked a ball!

This shows the level of perfection that Apple and Takers FC are looking for this season but bwoiiii you don't want to get on the wrong side of my man.

Check out the full episode here:

2) Coach Navin (Singh Sabha Slough v Southall Athletic)

Only my second game into following Southall Athletic and by then I was hooked. A local-ish pre-season fixture between Singh Sabha and Southall Athletic saw me take a trip to Slough to witness a 3-1 win for the home side with their goals all coming from penalties.

After being 3-0 up at half-time, Nav at full-time and had seen enough and let his squad them know about it too.

"You boys played sh*t, you boys are shocking"

3) SP Junction Elite v London Ravens

Who doesn't love a rival game? These two teams were both vying for their respective league title before Covid-19 hit earlier this year so this game already had the intensity levels ready to go from the start.

Things didn't turn out how they wanted for Junction Elite with them losing 4-0 at home to London Ravens.

"It's shit bruv"

4) Gaffer Amjad Tower United v FC Baresi

Usually you get a juicy manager rant when your team's been slapped but this was all said at half-time and the scoreline is 0-0. I can only imagine what their gaffer would say if they were actually losing. 😱

"What the f*cks going on out there?"

Thankfully FC Baresi won the game 1-0 (SPOILER ALERT!) and no blood was shed (too my knowledge anyway!).

Check out the full episode below.

5) Gaffer Maz M Boys vs Rising Ballers

Having covered my fair share of Rising Ballers games this season, this one comes completely out of character for Maz. Rising Ballers faced off against SW M Boys in the London Cup and were narrowly beaten 3-2 in a juicy encounter.

"You guys will not go far in the game because you don't have discipline"

The Rising Ballers head coach then delivered a few home truths to his players with the cameras rolling to hopefully inspire them and wake them up for their next fixture after lockdown 2.

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