The Kit Review – Wootton Sports FC

Off to Oxford unfortunately I certainly wasn’t good enough at school to be attending the Uni but more importantly we are visiting Wootton Sports FC. The club play their games on a Saturdays in the Witney & District League Division 1 for the first team and Division 2 for the club’s reserve side.

The shirt we are going to look at today is the clubs home shirt. The club called in the big guns to design and produce this stylish ensemble. With the Kit Factor (@thekitfactor) designing the shirt and the ever reliable Hope & Glory manufacturing the shirt the club have certainly put out a statement with this red shirt with black/yellow/amber slashes across it.

Is it unusual? YES, let’s be honest it is, but is it aesthetically pleasing?

Again, the answer is YES. Straight up this shirt looks good and is one that you will remember. For us the shirt and colours remind us of the Belgium national team shirts which I’m sure Wootton Sports will agree isn’t a bad team to be compared to.

You can keep up with Wootton Sports via their social media platforms: Twitter – (@woottonsportsfc), Instagram - woottonsports_fc and YouTube – Wootton Sports. We eagerly await to see what the club produce for their next set of kits.

Rating: 4/5