The Kit Review – Upton Park Ladies FC

Upton Park Ladies FC our very first of a female side shirt reviews and this won’t be the last. Upton Park synonymous with West Ham United and we can see Upton Park Ladies kits are heavily inspired by the Hammers. Upton Park Ladies play in the Great London Women’s Football League, playing in the North Division 2. The Upton Park Ladies play their home games from the outstanding facilities of the West Ham Foundation Community Training facility.

The shirt we will be looking at today in the Upton Park Ladies away shirt, on first glance you may think oh its just white with a baby pink trim, but your so so wrong this shirt is a thing of true beauty and supports and proudly displays multiple important messages and charities. Hope & Glory have been called in to deliver the goods yet again.

The white base is laced with a very regal and classy pattern that is very subtle but most certainly adds that little bit something extra to the shirt. The baby pink trim is outstanding and compliments the shirt perfectly making this a shirt you’d be happy to wear on a daily basis not just at the game.

The iconic West Ham hammers logo is spectacularly placed on the central collar and just pops nothing loud and annoying but the subtlety works it just does simple as. Upton Park Ladies work with a number of charities such as MIND and Food4all which are proudly displayed on this shirt. The logos for these wonderful charities add to the shirt no doubts about it and again raise awareness to issues we see unfortunately ever increasing up and down the country.

Credit to Upton Park Ladies FC this shirt is truly stunning and we look forward to seeing any future designs.

Rating: 4.5/5