The Kit Review – TRUK United FC

No travelling at all today I get the privilege of working from home to do this review. However, there’s no issues with zoom or teams, the WIFI is strong and there’s no kids or animals to distract me today. We are looking at TRUK United FC today. What does TRUK mean? Good question, now let me try to explain.

TRUK UNITED FC are Trans Radio UK's football team playing friendly and Charity matches throughout the UK and beyond. The club has been set up to raise awareness of issues in the LGBTQ+ community. The club who formed this year (2021) are just starting out on their football journey and we do wish them all the best.

The TRUK United shirt we are looking at today is their goalkeeper shirt (believe us it was a tough choice as TRUK United have a great selection of shirts/kits). Swaz Teamwear have been the chosen manufacturers by TRUK United and they have delivered the goods.

The long sleeved white based (I know it’ll be a nightmare to wash when its covered in grass/mud) but with the pink and blue slashes across the body truly make this shirt stand out. Sometimes less is more and this is the perfect example of this, no flashy overcomplicated designs but a simple but beautiful looking shirt.

Can you get your own TRUK United shirt? Yes you certainly can buy this shirt and many many more from the clubs website

Rating: 4/5