The Kit Review – The Rose Athletic FC

Back on British soil after a bit of a trek around the states on our beloved journey of finding the best-looking kits from around the World. Today we are off to Kent to visit The Rose Athletic. The club was only formed in 2020 meaning they’ve had their first season severely disrupted by the never-ending consequences of Covid-19. The club are plying their trade in the North Kent Sunday League and was sitting mid-table prior to the lockdown(s).

Blackout shirts, very popular amongst grassroots teams at the moment it feels with some absolute belters being released already in 2021 and we are only 6 weeks into the year so we can’t wait to do a review of ‘2021 the year of the blackout’.

The Rose Athletic have called in the expertise of SportyBits to create what we believe is a stunner. On first glance you might think ‘oh it's just a black top’ or ‘do us a favour that’s a ref’s top’ but look a little closer the mesh pattern is exquisite. The grey trim on the collar and cuffs just works so well with the black shirt. The branding also grey is subtle and doesn’t distract, the main logo is a very important and is for such a good cause.....The Brain Tumour Charity.

Can you get your very own The Rose Athletic shirt I hear you ask? You can and 10% of each sale of the shirt gets donated to The Brain Tumour Charity so if you’re wanting another reason to purchase your helping a wonderful charity. The shirt can be purchased from website.

Rating: 4.5/5