The Kit Review: Steel FC

Again, we go across the pond to the States as we review this incredible shirt from Steel FC. Steel FC based in Pittsburgh, playing in the Greater Pittsburgh soccer league. Formed in 2015 they have been growing and developing as a club and now compete in the Premier Division of the GPSL.

The aptly named Midnight Steel shirt is the home shirt of Steel FC, they have teamed up with Icarus FC and come up with this sleek, stylish beauty. The black base of the shirt always gets you off to a winner but with the gold stars on the sleeves and the sponsor and branding being in gold it really adds something special to the shirt.

Now the check pattern down the sides of the jersey will always be a reminder of the always outstanding Croatia shirts. The blue and white feels like it shouldn’t work on this shirt but it just does plain and simple it just works and is a tip off the cap to the city of Pittsburgh’s city flag.

Icarus FC whom seem to be a recurring manufacturer in this review series, completely revamped Steel FC. They redesigned the clubs badge, turning the badge into a triangle, this has specific meaning to the club and the city Of Pittsburgh with the city having 3 main River’s (The Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet at "The Point" and become the bigger Ohio river).

The blue and white stripe as previously said is a nod to the Pittsburgh city flag. The black and gold colouring is an embracing of the colours of the cities professional sports teams: the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL.

You can get your hands on one of these beauties from the Steel FC website. Be sure to keep an eye out for Steel FC and any future shirts they may release