The Kit Review – Screamer FC

Oh, we love a collab and we certainly have one today. Screamer FC have teamed up with Icarus FC to produce this Philadelphia Union Supporter kit that combines the flair and style of the Fresh Prince with the passionate support of the Philadelphia Union fan base.

15% of proceeds will go towards BLM Philly, 15% of proceeds will go towards Kensington Soccer Club (a local youth club), while the remainder will cover the cost of the shirts. So this is a collab you can feel good about not only will you get one of the wildest shirts out at the moment but you're also supporting the BLM Philly charity and helping with the funding of a local youth side (Kensington Soccer Club).

So as we’ve previously mentioned this shirt is a collab with Icarus FC producing the goods yet again. Taking inspiration from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from the early 90’s this shirt does have a truly retro feel but also displays a very important message of ‘Black Lives Matter’ which we 100% support.

The colours and pattern is truly wild, the blue, orange, red, green and white are mixed into stripes, spots, camo & triangular patterns. All in all, there is a hell of a lot going on but for us it works. Is it everyone’s cup of tea? Probably not but for an out there memorable shirt this one lives in the memory bank.

Can you get one of these shirts? Absolutely you can get it from the Icarus FC website. If you need any more reason to buy this shirt just remember 30% of the sale goes to charity and supporting youth teams so you defo get the feel good factor from this one

Kit Rating: 4.5/5