The Kit Review – Player Packs FC

If you’ve been involved with grassroots football in the UK you’ve either heard of Player Packs or have had personal dealings with them trying to buy match day essentials for your team(s). But little known to most Player Packs have their very own side. Playing in the Herts Advertiser Sunday League they are currently sitting pretty at the top of Division 2 (of 5 divisions) prior to lockdown 3.0 so will be hoping they don’t hear them dreaded 3 words from their league….Null and Void.

Player Packs have teamed up with the ever-reliable Hope and Glory to smash this one out. Its stunning let’s be honest. Orange again in our opinion is one of the most under used and underrated colours used in grassroots football. The pattern in the shirt is the main attraction here the geometric Wolf pattern is sublime the pattern made of various shades of orange then the piercing eyes stare into your soul, so god help opponents on a Sunday morning after a few too many bev’s the night before.

The white sleeves and grey collar add to this shirt, there’s nothing exceptional about them in all honesty but it just breaks the orange up and doesn’t make it too overbearing.

Player Packs FC you have caught our attention and we eagerly wait to see what’s next. If you haven’t already you can support Player Packs by equipping your side with match day essentials from their website.

To get your hands on one of the Player Packs shirts, you can also contact Hope & Glory via their website.

Rating: 4/5