The Kit Review – Parishes Of Jersey FC

Parishes of Jersey FC the pure uniqueness of this club is one we simply haven’t come across before and to be honest we are now loving the concept and the approach they have taken. So lets break down who are Parishes of Jersey FC, they are a collection of the best players from across the 12 parishes of Jersey aka they are a National team, yes you read that correctly Parishes of Jersey are a national side who are registered as a CONIFA (Confederation of Independent Football Associations) nation.

If you aren’t aware of CONIFA please please please look into the organisation and I guarantee you will learn something new today cause I know I certainly did. Obscure nations yes maybe that’s the word but why can’t these nations (Monaco, Tibet, Quebec etc) play international organised football.

Right enough of the education lets get down to the shirt, Parishes Of Jersey FC on first glance just looks like you standard rinse and repeat white shirt that you across the World at grassroots level, but that’s where you are sorely mistaken, take a closer look, its ok we will wait. That grey outline I hear you ask what is that?

That our friends is the outline of Jersey a classy and stylish addition to this shirt. Designed by The Kit Factor and manufactured by Hope & Glory this shirt is a hidden gem.

Parishes Of Jersey FC certainly have our attention. You can get hold of the shirt through the Parishes of Jersey website.

Rating: 4.5/5