The Kit Review – NY International FC

The Big Apple, Empire City, the city that never sleeps, whatever you want to call it today we are off to New York to visit NY International FC. Formed in 2019 the club is a rapidly growing club winning their respective league the Metro Division within the Cosmo league. The club has a unique blend of footballing culture with players from over 15 countries across the World representing the club as players, hence the clubs name NY INTERNATIONAL. The club plays their home games at the Prospect Park Parade Ground.

The shirt a modern-day classic! YES, I know that’s a bold statement but we stand by it. Teaming up with Icarus FC (we know they are a common theme in this series but it’s because they are so damn good) who have come up with this black and gold masterpiece. UK teams chill yourselves I know your frothing in rage shouting why are they allowed a black kit? This is due to the authorities in the states not being so stuck in their ways and realising that its actually easier for a referee to have an alternative kit than a whole club.

Rant over......back to the shirt, the majority of the shirt with the gold sponsor logo, branding, club badge and the Versace looking pattern on the cuff of the sleeve truly is style personified.

Just like me you’re wondering if you can get your very own NY International FC, yes our dear readers you can (I have ordered one personally myself just before writing this). You can get yours from the clubs website.

Rating: 5/5