The Kit Review – Nightingale FC

Nightingale FC a charity team based out of Birmingham. They are a team made up of NHS and keyworkers and are aiming to raise awareness to the NHS and various other worthy charities and causes. The team was created during the first Covid lockdown back in April 2020 and the club have aims to become one of the biggest charity sides in the UK.

Nightingale FC have released an absolute top tier ‘blackout’ shirt one that would compete with the likes of the Dortmund and Liverpool blackout shirts. The aim of the shirt was to create and black shirt but with a gold influence which represents that the NHS is the shining beacon during such dark and troubling times. SportyBits have manufactured the shirt and they done a marvellous job the check base of the shirt adds that little bit of class to the shirt but doesn’t distract from the main focus of the shirt.

The front of the shirt displays the logo for the Fund the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital charity of which multiple members of the team work for so it’s a cause that really is close to home. On the back of the collar you’ll notice a rainbow, what’s this for I hear you ask? The rainbow is a symbol of the NHS at represent that there is hope and equality both of which are part of the NHS morals.

You can get your own Nightingale FC shirt from their website.

We will certainly be purchasing one of these once pay day rolls around. Be sure to keep up with Nightingale FC on their Twitter (@NightingaleFC) and their Instagram (@nightingalefc2020).

If you are in the giving mood the club have a JustGiving page in which they are raising donations to support various causes

Rating; 5/5