The Kit Review – Newcraighall Vics Sundays

Going north of the border as we head up to Edinburgh today to visit Newcraighall Vics. The newly formed side will be plying their trade on Sunday mornings in the Lothian and Edinburgh Amateur Football Association league.

As with all newly formed clubs Newcraighall Vics will be looking to grow and establish themselves in the next few seasons.

Waka, waka, waka, you know the sound and you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t. Newcraighall Vics have taken the punt and took the classic Pacman game and made it into a shirt.

Teaming up with Appin Sports to make this retro shirt. Whoever had this idea to make this design honestly, I’d love to shake your hand cause there’s thinking outside the proverbial box and then there is this. The nostalgia this shirt provides is awesome, recreating the 80’s in the best way possible.

The design and pattern really is exactly how the arcade game was the intricate pattern that you have to weave your way through. I honestly love this shirt and I hope this one inspires other teams to create shirts based on other classic games, you telling me you wouldn’t want to see a Super Mario or Sonic inspired football shirt ?

Can you get one of these shirts ? Yes you can but you need to be quick as there is only 50 available. To get yours you will need to contact the club direct via their twitter @VicsSundays, again

I can’t stress this enough be quick as these are sure to sell out.

Rating: 5/5