The Kit Review – New Amsterdam FC

Back after a small break but we are back with a bang, today we again head stateside to New York to visit New Amsterdam FC. In April 2020 New Amsterdam FC were accepted into the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) becoming a legit team. The vision of New Amsterdam is to be the people’s club of New York none of the franchises or other super league nonsense a club strictly for the people ran by the people.

The shirt boy oh boy how have we not come across this beauty before I don’t know but I’m sure glad we have. Teaming up with the always reliable Icarus FC, New Amsterdam’s creative team needs all the plaudits here. The black, white and orange is an absolutely stunning combination.

The diamond pattern throughout the shirt is SUBLIME, the black body is broken up by the diamond pattern so it isn’t just a boring plain base.

The white sleeves and sides again broken up with the diamond pattern just works this truly is a beautiful shirt. The orange is very subtle but absolutely works and I hope it’s a nod to the original Dutch Amsterdam and the classic Dutch orange but even if its not it still absolutely works.

Can you get a New Amsterdam FC shirt? Of course you can, you can get yours from the New Amsterdam website. This shirt is certainly will take some beating and we look forward to seeing what New Amsterdam come up with next

Kit Rating: 5/5