The Kit Review – Maryland Bobcats FC

Check in at the terminal we are going stateside yet again, today we are visiting the east coast of America to visit Maryland Bobcats. We have a first for these review Maryland Bobcats are the first professional team that we have reviewed.

Part of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) since 2020 the club are continually looking to grow and expand as a club especially in the youth aspect of the club.

The shirt let’s get down to business is unusual but my word is it beautiful. Maryland’s new goalkeeper shirt which they have called the ‘glitch’. I’m sure oncoming striker will be entering the matrix and they look at the ‘glitch’.

Hummel have absolutely smashed this one out the park. The white base with the black blocks lined with the blue and pink all meshed together with the glitched/fuzzed pattern is truly magnificent. The badge, sponsor and branding all fit in perfectly.

This is a perfect example of a shirt being outside the box, all teams out there please please please do not just take the boring cheap priced kit from the big-name brands and then expect to build a brand that’s recognisable it just does not happen.

Credit to Maryland Bobcats for taking the risk as its paid off massively.

Can you get this shirt? No just yet but if you keep you eyes on Maryland Bobcats Twitter (@MDBobcatsFC) and Instagram (@mdbobcatsfc).

I'm sure this beauty will be available very soon.

Rating: 5/5