The Kit Review – Loch Ness FC

Loch Ness FC our first venture North of the English border and hopefully not our last. Loch Ness FC have been playing in the Inverness Amateur League for over 20 years and have in the last few years have expanded the club and taken the steps to enter a team in the North Caledonian Football League meaning that they have a semi professional team and an amateur team.

Shane Carling, the founder and manager, was the youngest manager to ever enter a team in to the Inverness Amateur league.

Let’s be honest the first thing you associate with Loch Ness is the mythical Loch Ness Monster. Is it real? who knows to be totally honest, but Loch Ness FC have used the legendary monster to their benefit. The club have used ZN Sports to produce this unique and memorable shirt. The white base with the gold trim and then the gold silhouette of the mythical Nessy swimming through the loch is something you wont see on many shirts.

The Monsterbox wording again plays into the myth and intrigue. If this shirt belonged to anyone else, you’d just laugh it off but because this is Loch Ness FC the design works perfectly. We have to credit Loch Ness FC for taking the risk because its paid off big time with this shirt.

You can get your very own Loch Ness shirt from the following website.

We will certainly be keeping our eyes on Loch Ness FC to see what kit they design in the future.

Rating; 4/5