The Kit Review: Forward Madison FC

Forward Madison FC based in Southern Wisconsin across the pond in the United States, the club play in the third tier of the American football (soccer to them) pyramid, meaning they are only two promotions away from the MLS. Playing their games out of Hart Park with a capacity of just over 1,300 with a loyal fan base consistently showing their support for the Flamingo’s.

Right now down to business and what we are all here for the shirt, truly this is a trippy yet awe-inspiring shirt that needs to make kit supplier/manufacturers in the UK pay attention on what makes a truly unique kit and not just a standard set template that you’ve seen a million and one teams play in as you walk down the local park on the weekend.

The Forward Madison third/alternative shirt is wild in the best of ways, the navy, sky blue and pink design truly is one that lives in the memory and will have us checking our online banking balance to see what’s left after the holiday period as this shirt is truly a must have in your collection. Right the shirt is a madness the silhouettes of the flamingos on the sky blue background is truly unique honestly we’ve not seen anything like this before, the navy sleeves and band across the chest to allow the club sponsor Dairyland to be displayed takes absolutely nothing away from this shirt. Manufactured by Hummel we believe this is the standard bearer of kits.

The Flamingo’s sell all their merchandise via their website. We will certainly be purchasing this one (and potentially a few other items).

From across the pond Forward Madison FC, you have a new fan in us and we will be keeping an eye out to see if this shirt can be beaten

Rating: 5/5