The Kit Review – Dilton Marsh Wanderers

On the road again flying down the motorways as we head down to Westbury to visit Dilton Marsh Wanderers. Dilton Marsh Wanderers Football Club was formed in May 2019 by a group of mates wanting to continue their involvement in local football and as a result Dilton Marsh Wanderers were formed.

The club play in Division Two of the Trowbridge and District Football League. Dilton Wanderers have joined forces with the Dilton Rovers youth team with the aim to reignite football in the village of Dilton Marsh, birthplace of Bristol City legend and England International John Atyeo.

So the shirt we are looking at today now we know this was probably released as an April Fools joke but from the reaction on the old socials Dilton Marsh may want to reconsider and make this shirt a reality. The snakeskin pattern is unbelievably underrated and from memory this is the first I’ve seen in all of football but my god it works it just simply works. The soft pastel colours used in the patterning is stunning with the black sleeves and collars this isn’t just a shirt it’s a piece of art and I’d happily pay for this.

Dilton Marsh Wanderers please please reconsider making this shirt a reality, if you need any help promoting it please get in touch with us as we all at Rootz TV love this. Until then keep up to date with Dilton Marsh Wanderers via the clubs Twitter page @diltonmwfc and Instagram @diltonmwfc

Rating: 5/5