The Kit Review – Battling Fat Lads FC

Battling Fat Lads FC I know the name has you intrigued and asking questions already but regardless of the humorous team name. Battling Fat Lads are a 7-a-side team based out of Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Running since 2016 by a group of friends who didn’t necessarily mind the results of the games it was the absolute essential social aspect and having a few bev’s after.

An entry into the People’s FA Cup seen the side switch their focus to start working as a charity side and raising funds and awareness of some fantastic charities and causes. The Battling Fat Lads priority when raising funds is men’s mental health supporting causes such as: Andy’s Man Club, Oddballs Foundation and #itsokaytotalk.

Right the shirt lets be totally honest it’s a sight whether you like it or not (that’s down to personally choice) but you will certainly remember it. The shirt is manufactured by SK Kits and boy oh boy this one is something. The 3D print checks is a unique design to start with but the addition of almost every colour imaginable was a brave choice but for us it absolutely works.

Starting from the blue and purple at the bottom moving into green, then yellow finishing with orange and red checks around the collar. It’s the ultimate checked rainbow strip which you 100% will not see as you venture round local football venues on a weekend.

Battling Fat Lads credit for having the cojones to even think of this design let alone wear it to play in, we tip our caps to you. We eagerly await the next creation out of the Battling Fat Lads lab of weird and wonderful shirt designs.

Rating: 4.5/5