The Kit Review – Atlantic City FC

Boarding Passes? Check, Passport? Check.

You know what time it is; we are off to the good old United States of America. Today we are visiting Atlantic City FC, out on the east coast of the States based in New Jersey. Atlantic City FC are minor league soccer team playing in the National Premier Soccer League’s Keystone Conference in the Northeast Division. The Clubs home games are played at Silver Eagle Stadium in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and the team lives at the world famous Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Right the shirt if you’re a regular feature of this review series is already off to a winner just due to the colour. We will say it again purple shirts are amazing and yet it is such an underused colour in all of football! Atlantic City have called in the ever reliable Icarus FC to produce this beauty of a shirt.

The purple banding works for us and is a pattern you certainly won’t see very often but when done as well as this you begin to wonder why. The simple branding and sponsorship logo in a simple white truly works against the purple (teams take note this contrast in colours helps us take notice to sponsors).

Right let’s get down to it the sleeves make this shirt go from a nice shirt to a buy at all costs shirt, the firework pattern in green and white honestly we’ve not seen before but will now be synonymous with Atlantic City (get the trademark out lads) and does truly finish this shirt off.

You can get your very own Atlantic City shirt from the clubs website. We truly are eager to see what’s next

Rating: 5/5