The Kit Review – Astwood FC

Taking the short from up to Redditch today we are visiting Astwood FC.

Formed in 2017 the club play in the Redditch & South Warwickshire Sunday morning league. The club have continuously grown since they have started out and have the backing and sponsorship of many local businesses (I know I can feel your jealously already).

The shirt we are looking at today is the clubs blackout shirt.

YES, 2021 the true year of the blackout shirt. This one from Astwood certainly competes with all the other ones we have featured and I’m sure it’ll compete with any others we feature in the future. Yes I know blackout shirts can’t actually be worn by teams at grassroots level (stupid rule I know) but my God are they stylish as f*ck.

Astwood have partnered up with the ever reliable SportyBits to produce this absolute gem. The black is absolutely complimented with the chevron pattern so that its not just your typical plain black shirt. For us this is an absolute winner that you can easily rock this in the boozer (April 12th here we come) or if your smashing weights down the local gym. Truly a shirt for all purposes.

SportyBits as ever have whatever they design on their website, so you can get your very own Astwood shirt here.

Rating: 4.5/5