The Kit Review – AFC Solano

We get the passport out again as we fly out to the west coast of America to visit AFC Solano based in Fairfield, California. The purpose of AFC Solano is to develop, promote and administer all aspects of the game, regardless of age, sex, race, creed and/or ability.

They aim ensure EVERYONE has a chance to enjoy the beautiful game. Not all players need or want to play at an academy intense level; they strive to allow players to play/participate in all levels that best suit themselves and their families based on their skill and desire. The club play their home games at Armijo High School that can hold an attendance of over 2500. The club play in the UPSL and have aims to make it into a full professional team within 10 years.

AFC have called in the ever-reliable Icarus FC to produce all three of their shirts, but our focus today is their third shirt. Take a minute we will wait take it all in. Right you’re back this shirt is truly beautiful, first the colour a charcoal grey most certainly a colour you don’t see very look but when it’s done right it’s a spectacle. The diamond patterning within the body is truly magnificent and we would encourage the use of more patterns to be used by any clubs trying to design a shirt that stands out. The right shoulder includes the outline of a hawk with the hawks eye being red which perfectly draws attention and adds the personal touch as the clubs badge features a hawk so this is a very nice addition to the shirt.

AFC Solano have their own website where you can get various pieces of merchandise which helps the club massively. You can check it out via their website.

We will certainly be keeping alert for any new releases from AFC Solano.

Rating: 4.5/5