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There's more to a team than what listed in their Twitter bio.

Yes, AFC Hammersmith Town. were founded in 2011 and play in the Harrow Challenge Sunday league BUT there's gotta be more behind the team hailing from West London.


So tell us about the HISTORY of AFC Hammersmith Town?

We were formed in the summer of 2011, as a group of friends from school/college we had played for 3/4 years previous in summer 5 a side tournaments at first just for fun and to keep ticking over in the off season, but we started winning and ended up twice playing at Wembley in the Umbro 5’s and in national finals in Birmingham and Manchester.

Sunday football was to start with just a bit of fun, friends and friends of friends who either went to the same school or college or from the estate in West Kensington where the team originates, but over the years that fun has also incorporated a competitive winning edge

How many teams do you have?

We have one team but through our gaffer (Dean Banks) and his work at St Charles college we take in the college’s U19 as our unofficial youth team, this over the last 3/4 years has seen a well trodden pathway giving these young players their first taste of men’s football.

One of these is Sammy Folarin now at Middlesbrough who all at the club are proud to see getting the chance in the pro game


Despite this year being majorly interrupted due to COVID-19, you managed to finish last season on a high by the winning London FA Sunday Trophy 🏆

How did it feel?

Last season was a weird one due to Covid and the early cancellation of the season. Looking back it’s bitter sweet, a lot of hard work went into those 6 months and we were still involved in 4 cups, the rug was pulled for 3 of those but London and in particular Jamaal deserve great credit for persevering and giving us clubs who had got to the final a chance to finish what they had started.

After 8 years of trying and losing in the final the year before we finally brought the London cup back to West London


This year you could potentially face-off against Manny's Under The Radar team.

Do you feel like underdogs going into the game?

This year we enter the Premier Cup and you just have to look at the pedigree of some of the teams in it to know it’s a step up. Having said that we don’t fear any team and go into every game looking to win.

I think in a lot of peoples eyes we will be the underdogs should we play UTR there a good side who have made some good additions recently, but they still have to get past Kizilirmak who are also a very good side. Whoever wins that we know we will have to be at our best if we want to continue in the competition beyond Christmas.

Are you treating it like any other game? Are you bothered about the exposure?

Personally I’m not bothered by the exposure, a lot of players get buzzed up by the camera, YouTube, Twitter limelight, for me it’s a good test for a lot of our young players in how they deal with it, if they want to forge successful careers in non league or have aspersions of going into pro game they will need to take the exposure in their stride and use it as a positive to work hard and perform. But for me it will just be another game I want us to perform well, enjoy and hopefully win.


So tell us a little more about your team?

Who's the entertainer of the dressing room?

Dressing room joker would probably have to be Regan Mendes our captain who picked up the London cup after doing the worm (that really sums up he’s character) or Sean Ndinga-Basaye I’m not sure why he’s funny or if he even means to be but he is! We have a nice mix of youthful enthusiasm and older heads but those two are great for team morale.

Who's always late to training/matches?

Time keeping or lack of it hands down would have been Sammy Folarin but that’s now Neil Warnock's problem! Of the current squad I’d have to say Youel Emmanuel I can’t ever remember him being on time!!

Who most likely to get lost on the way to an away game?

Lack of direction unfortunately goes to our skipper Regan Mendes - he’s the only person I know that can turn up 2 hours late to a cup final, only he knows how he started his journey in Hackney and an hour or so later is back in Hackney all the while following a sat nav! Fortunately for him we can see the funny side now as we won the Surrey Premier Cup that night.

Who's scored your BEST GOAL this season? Who was it against?

Best goal so far this season in terms of quality has to go to Nathan Mampono in our last game against Oakwood in the London Cup before our current enforced break, a dipping shot from 30 yard that flew into the top corner. Stand out goal for me though came from Melford Simpson who got our 4th and match winner against a talented and fully loaded NLO - the wild celebrations showed the importance of the goal and what it meant to the group.

Special thanks to AFC Hammersmith Town for giving up their time for this interview and we wish them all the best for the future.


Twitter: @afc_hammersmith

WWWho's the entertainer of the dressing room? (The guy who did the worm i assume), Who's always late to training/matches? Who's most likely to get lost on the way to an away game? Who's scored the best goal this season for you? Who was it against