ReplayMe League takes YouTube Football to NEXT LEVEL

The revolution shall be televised...via YouTube of course!

8 football teams competing for the BIGGEST prize in YouTube football (after bragging rights of course!)....the ReplayMe League title.

The ReplayMe League is the brainchild of Louis Dainty, founder of Madness FC who provides back-to-back weekly matches for some of the most entertaining and gifted teams in the UK.


AFTV (formerly Arsenal Fan TV) really don't need any introduction do they? Over a million subscribers on YouTube and the biggest fan channel in the world, they're sure to bring a shed load of watchful eyes.

Headed up by Skully are not to be slept on. After losing out to DT FC in the Blud Bruvvas final they will surely look to go one better in the ReplayMe League.

RB Oranje

Rants N Bants' RB Oranje side are sure to keep the energy levels high both on and off the pitch. Assisted by his brother and Tottenham YouTuber Expressions Oozing, be sure to hear the best one liners since Tupac and Biggie.

On the pitch, they can back it too with the likes of "Mbappe" and "Torreira" leading the line and Halfcast Podcast's Savage Dan holding it down in the centre of the park, best believe they're a force to be reckoned with.

Quarterback FC

Coming straight out of West London is Quarterback FC managed by Gaffer Specs (pictured above). Shaking up the scene with energy, passion and athleticism, the ReplayMe League won't know what's hit them.

Add in to the mix music reviewer Daniel Osi, these guys could be the outside bookies favourites.


FC Infernos bring the heat whether you like it or not! Gaffer Bash (pictured above) and his squad have home advantage hailing from North London. Backed by UK rapper Big Narstie, best believe it's smoke season both on and off the field.


Prospects FC are next generation of ballers you don't want it with....TRUST ME! They can mix it up with flair and fireworks in the blink of a Cristiano Ronaldo stepover.

The name does what it says on the tine, providing young ballers with the platform to enter the professional game.

Expect to see a few worldie's and 5 star performances when Prospects take to the pitch.

Madness FC

Up next and bringing the Madness is indeed Madness FC lead by Abs who's a baller in his own right. Assisted by rapper and coach Joe Black, Madness FC are favourites to be in contention for the ReplayMe League title.

Deadball LDN

Scotty Stacks from The Manor is Deadball LDN's Director of Football and after "picking up a few gems from the M25" don't be surprised when they turn a few teams over.

Judging by the name "Deadball" expect to see a few Roberto Carlos-esque free-kicks flying in so get your camera phones on charge, you could have a viral moment on you hands.

Relentless FC

Turkish from AFTV heads up Relentless FC. Playing in all red like his beloved Arsenal, the YouTuber hopes that they play more like Arsenal invincibles rather than Arsenal's "Wenger Out" days.

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