I first came across Freda on Twitter after watching her skill up a man in her local bits (video below) and I was sold from there!

Fast forward and it's funny how god works because I managed to meet her on a shoot in South London and we've kept in contact from ever since (content pending).

So I thought it was only right that I'd share the same experience with you all...take it away Freda...

How old were you when got started in football? 

Started playing football at the age of 5

Where do you from? train/play?

I’m from South London & I play for London City Lionesses

How long have you been filming your content for?

Started in July 2020, so for about 3 months now. 

How would you describe your team's personality? 


What's your best upload? 

Well my favourite one is Freda (me) vs Perm, it was fun filming it and it makes me laugh. And the most recent one of the #FredaTouch.

Tell us about your career? Who you started for? Who you used to play for? Who do you play for now? 

In my early youth days u8- u13s I was with Charlton Athletic w FC, then went on to play for Arsenal from the age of u13 - seniors/1st team. Joined Birmingham and was with them for 3/4 seasons. Then joined Leicester for a season. Now I’m with London City Lionesses. 

How would you describe your personality and playing style? 

 I’d say I’m quite cheeky and funny. I’m not sure about playing style I’d say a mix of Yaya Toure in his prime & Messi lool

What's your future ambitions?

Just to achieve everything I set myself 

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