Updated: Nov 13, 2020

What I look for constantly with all content creation is individuality.

It is key to grow your brand that the style of it is very much yours. The growing trend of teams filming and publishing their game for the YouTube viewing public grows each year and those who make their style their own, seem to be the most successful, or for me as a grassroots commentator the most interesting to watch.

My favourites are:

Palmers FC

The first ever team I watched on YouTube were Palmers FC. The Essex based lads led by Smiv were brilliantly entertaining and seemed to have the knack of getting the mix of football, banter and opposition jibes just right. They will always be the bench for as the first team I watched.

SE Dons

When the SE Dons joined the OBDSFL (a league I am involved in) there was a lot of excitement around. They were still growing their platform back then, and have since gone on to absolutely smash it, and congrats to the guys for that. I had really got out of the loop of the YouTube scene by this time but knowing I was refereeing them made me check up their channel.

Over the last year the channel has improved massively, the presentation is fantastic with multiple camera angles and graphics on screen being as good as it gets. One thing has remained a constant, Don Strapzy’s commentary has been excellent from Day 1.

As with Smiv, I think Andrew gets the tone bang on in most videos. Praise and respect for opposition, banter and self-depreciation to his own teams’ mistakes, brilliant WWF references that make me laugh out loud. It’s all there!

Peckham Rye

Stylistically these guys are my favourite team on YouTube. Clearly, they aren’t quite a polished as the afore mentioned teams above, but the increase in quality over the last year is very apparent.

Drones have been introduced this season as well as pre/post match interviews and analysis which makes it feel very professional.

The commentator Duke (Sports King TV & King of Hearts Media Productions) has a brilliant style which brings analysis and self-deprecating banter to the show.

Without a huge budget the Peckham Rye show really does get 100% out of everything they use. And it keeps getting better.

South London Panthers

Brand new to the scene, South London Panthers led by Matt Wheeler focus their show around the football. With excellent analysis of the game and tactical comments from someone who has worked in the highest levels of European football, this really is a football lover’s dream. The camera work is what it is, and that's no disrespect to SLP as they are just getting going. Matt’s analysis more than makes up for this as the detail is sublime.

Under the Radar

Manny is the driving force behind this channel and as an experienced YouTuber you get a massively polished and professional presentation.

Multiple camera angles including the lofted view thanks to the brilliant work of RYG means for me, the angle of the game is unrivalled on YouTube. You see more of the off the ball runs and play thanks to this and it makes it a very good watch. The videos include team talks from influential players and UTR do a good job of building a rounded show over than ‘just’ football.