1) Upton Park Ladies

For their kit alone they have to be in this list, IT IS 🔥!

Back to the football though, Upton Park Ladies are doing bits on the green stuff using West Ham United Foundation facilities as the place that they call home.

Back in September 2020 on the way to their game against Hashtag United U23's, one of Upton Park's players managed to prevent someone from taking their own life proving they're more than just a football club.

Since then, they've used this current lockdown towards great causes, raising money for mental health. Running, walking and cycling 96 km to represent the 96 people that commit suicide on average weekly in England.

2) MSA & Frenford Women

MSA & Frenford are a woman-focused community club based in East London who accept all walks of life from their local community.

Starting as early as 8 years of age, they run regular weekly sessions, encouraging young women and girls into football.

MSA & Frenford also regularly compete in the Super 5 League every Wednesday

Coached by Yasmin Hussein who recently took part in AdidasLondon #Ghosted boots launch campaign

3) Goaldiggers FC

History graduate Fleur Cousens founded Goaldiggers FC in September 2015. She has grown tired of football being considered a men’s-only sport, so she aimed to create an inclusive team to show that football has no gender.

The team is made up of women and non-binary people, all of whom are taught to show respect and acceptance towards each other. The club also prefers to promote a non-judgemental approach to the team selection, which allows everyone to get a chance to play.

The club adopts a policy to prevent bullying, homophobia and discrimination. The policy explains the meanings behind different pronouns and how to address people correctly.

4) Hilltop Women FC

Hilltop Women FC is based in Brent, London. It was initially founded as NUR FC in 2019, but the name was changed in October this year.

The players are practising Muslims who combine their faith with football, sharing two important aspects of their lives. The team’s coaches have supported the players during the COVID-19 pandemic to encourage regular exercise and wellness.

Training videos can be found on the team’s Instagram account.

5) Longford Park Ladies

Longford Park Ladies is a team that is “a super-friendly, mixed ability group.” New members are always encouraged to join, and those interested can come to a training session to meet the players.

Colin Lowe is the chairman of Longford Park. He noticed a large increase in girl’s football teams since the 2019 Women’s World Cup, and he invited the mothers of Longford’s junior teams to try out for a women’s team. Longford Park Ladies subsequently grew in numbers, and the team has up to 40 players.

Lowe campaigns for his Manchester-based women’s team to have the same facilities as the men’s team, especially because some of the players have had to go to extreme lengths just to play a game. Hockey fields are rented out for games, some players have to travel far, and the team has had to pay £100 an hour in pitch rentals.