The culture and attitudes towards women’s football are changing rapidly. Players such as U.S. stars Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have shown the world how women can compete and play on the same level as men. Both further emphasized their achievements after they helped their country to win the Women’s World Cup last year.

Women’s football is largely gaining attention in the U.K., but it aims to make the headlines for the right reasons. That is where these five accounts come into play. They help to promote the women’s aspect of the game, as well as to show the positives that come with it.

ALSO....honorable shout-out to Female Football TV who have been doing their thing for a minute now....👇🏿


1) She's A Baller

She’s A Baller is the women’s team affiliated with Rising Ballers FC. It promotes women’s football on its Instagram account, which has 29,000 followers.

The Instagram account contains frequent updates regarding the world of women’s football - particularly the Women’s Premier League - and it aims to “shine light on the future.”


2) Misskick

Miss Kick is one of the U.K.’s leading female football brand. It aims to promote female empowerment in sport.

Grace Vella started Miss Kick in 2018. Vella, a former Liverpool and Manchester City player, felt that her gender held her back from sporting opportunities as she was growing up. Lack of clothing, financial limitations and being mocked made her feel like she did not fit in.

Miss Kick aims to end stereotypes amongst women’s football, but it also wants to have an open-minded approach. It wants female footballers to talk about abuse and to encourage others to make football an all-inclusive sport.

The company is based in Manchester. Check out its website here.


3) Her Football Hub

Drew Diamond, Georgia Goulding and Taylor Kujawa formed Her Football Hub. All three have experience in business, marketing and videography - and they used these skills to create their own website last year.

The website contains player interviews, articles, match reports and feature stories. There are two podcasts: HFH: Final Whistle and HFH: Stateside. Final Whistle features guest appearances, and Stateside discusses women’s football in the United States. It is available on all streaming platforms.

You can look at the website here.


4) She Can Play UK

She Can Play is a U.K.-based training school. It offers practices and skills schools to girls and women who enjoy playing football. It holds camps in Essex and Hertfordshire.

Activewear, accessories and training equipment can be bought on its website. Click here for prices.


5) Studs

Studs sees women’s football as a “cool” sport. It shares content that is described as “fun, empowering and inclusive.”

The blog details key events in women’s football. It provided fan updates for the 2019 Women’s World Cup, gave a view on life without football during the pandemic, and showcased its own merchandise.