Many communities rely on Sunday League football for entertainment. Watching the locals play on a Sunday morning at a nearby park is often a cheap way to enjoy football, and it is very well received.

Some teams have used social media to promote themselves and to gain nationwide attention. The five teams in this article hail from outside of London, but they are worth keeping tabs on. Some of them have familiar faces that you may know.

City of Liverpool FC

Liverpool may be the current Premier League champions, but City of Liverpool FC are another team that have a greater success story. The club has won six trophies, even though it has been in existence for just five years.

CoL was formed in 2015. The club decided to wear the colour purple to honour Liverpool and Everton; the red and blue colours mixed together form purple. There were several applications to the FA to join the North West Counties League, and the requests were granted in July 2016.

The Purps won their first silverware in 2017, winning three trophies and getting promoted to the NWCFL Premier League. The 2017/18 season was just as successful; CoL won the NWCFL Challenge Cup and made the third round of the FA Vase Trophy. CoL won the NWCFL Premier League title in 2019.

The club plays at Berry Street Garage Stadium, ground-sharing with Bootle FC. Both teams plan to play at this stadium until the 2020/21 season.


Twitter: @COLFcommunity

Instagram: @colfc

Kitchener FC

Rap duo Menace and Blaze are hosts of Ipswich-based club Kitchener FC. The club calls itself “just a pub team” and plays in the Ipswich Sunday League.

The brothers took over as manager and owner in 2017, inviting some of their friends to sign. They filmed games for YouTube and have videos with as much as 70,000 views. The interest in the team is set to rise this season as it chases its fourth league title in a row.


Twitter: @MightyKitchFC

Instagram: @kitchenerfootballclub

Garden FC

Garden FC is located in Newhaven, Sussex. Hashtag United midfielder Theo Baker created the team in August 2020, and it plays in the Sussex Sunday Football League.


Twitter: @GardenFC1

Instagram: @gardenfcoffcial_

Newcastle Independent

Newcastle Independent is a team that is growing on the Toon. It plays in the Northern Football Alliance League Second Division and brands itself “the people’s club.”

Games can be viewed on its YouTube channel, which was made in September 2020.


Twitter: @NIFC_GOAT

Instagram: @goatonthegram

Stretford Paddock FC

Stretford Paddock FC is the former name of Manchester United fan channel Full Time Devils. The channel gained popularity in 2014 because of United fan Andy Tate’s passionate rants about David Moyes, which resulted in Tate becoming a meme.

The journey to formalize Stretford Paddock into a recognized club started in January 2020 after a group of approximately 40 players trialled. Paperwork was sent to the Manchester Football Association to apply for a league.

The team plays in the Lancashire & Cheshire AFL Division One. The club encourages those who are interested in playing to apply via the website.


Twitter: @StretfordPaddck

Instagram: @fulltimedevils