Hackney Marshes is arguably one of the best places to go for a kick-about in London. There are 88 full-sized pitches, with over 100 matches being played every weekend.

The Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football League takes full advantage of this wide space. It is somewhere for people to watch many games at a time, walking from pitch to pitch. These five teams are ones that you can expect to see often.

Boston Celtics FC

You can be forgiven if you read this name wrong at first. I can’t imagine Larry Bird playing in goal on a cold Sunday morning either.

All jokes aside, Boston Celtics FC is based in Hackney. It plays at Hackney Marshes, the home of Grassroots Football, and provides supporters with in-depth coverage of the club. Game reviews, player ratings and social media updates are prevalent within the team.

The team’s manager and some players completed a challenge to raise money for Blood Cancer UK. Captain Peter Dutton inspired this event after his mum was diagnosed with blood cancer. Those involved ran and cycled from Hackney Marshes to Celtic Park in Glasgow and back, covering 1242 KM in total and raising over £1,000.

Mile End Baiteze

Mile End Baiteze has bragging rights. This team has won 13 trophies in five years and describes itself as “the team that plays on the Marshes.”

After branching away from Baiteze Squad earlier this season, manager Justin Gardner and his team will have more of a point to prove this campaign with their new-look set-up.

FC Niva

FC Niva sits third in the league table with seven points. Its biggest win so far is a 7-2 victory over Middlesbrough Supporters South.

FUN FACT: Sherry who now plays for Baiteze Squad used to play for Niva once a upon a time and played against them last season in a 2-0 win to Baiteze under former manager Justin as mentioned earlier in this article.

Baddoo FC

Baddoo FC has used more than just social media to promote itself. The team showcased their new kit on the screens in Piccadilly Circus over the Summer.

Still in their infancy, Baddoo welcome their opposition for invitations to play them via Instagram so if you're an opponent...their DM's are always open!

Hackney Borough FC

Lead by @noseymarv and @D_wolf29, Hackney Borough have had a mixed bag of results in the Hackney and Leyton Premier Division during their maiden season.

Losing out 4-1 to Mile End Baiteze Squad earlier this season has halted their enthusiasm after defeating Boston Celtics 3-1 and scoring this beauty below.