The second city has talent in abundance...don't get it twisted. If you're reading this and you're from Brum and didn't make it into this 5, don't think we don't see you!

Keep doing you're thing!

1) Goalacticos

Reppin' the 0121, Goalacticos have been doing their thing since 2016. Winners of the Sam Leech Memorials Cup 2018/19, the team managed by James Heaven are a force to be reckoned with in the Festival League Division One.


Twitter: @GoalacticosFc

Facebook: @goalacticosfc

Instagram: @goalacticosfc

2) Birmingham Elite

To have the word 'Elite' in your name you've gotta come CORRECT! Birmingham Elite have been on job in the Coronation Premier League documenting their progress their journey via YouTube in the process. With characters like Martinz aka 'Sheldon Cafu', Fitz otherwise known as 'Mr. Bitz' and of course lead by Gaffa Omar, you won't be short of entertainment from these guys.


Facebook: @birminghamelitefc2019

Twitter: @BirminghamElit1

Instagram: @birminghamelitefc

3) FC Ballerz

FC Ballerz are a relatively new team on the block undergoing their second season in Sunday League football. Currently playing ball in the Coronation Football League, the team bossed by Lee Elwell have been smashing of late with their last result being a 6-1 win against Rickman Rovers Reds before Lockdown 2.

During the enforced break they currently sit in second place behind Farmhouse Beacon first and if their early start is anything to go by, they'll be there or there abouts come the end of the season.


Instagram: @fc_ballerz

4) Power FC

Heading back to the Coronation Premier Division again, this time with Power FC. Playing their football out of Cooksey lane, Power have already been through some epic matches this season coming back to beat Phoenix Rising from 3-1 to 6-3.


Facebook: @powerfc2018

Instagram: @powerfc_2018

5) Farmhouse Beacon

It would be foolish not to recognise the team at the top of the table. Flying high in first in the Coronation Football League Premier Division were in fine form before lockdown 2 collecting 19 points from their first 8 games. Previous to the Corinthian league they were the former Sutton & Festival Premier League and Cup Champions.


Facebook: @Farmhousebeacon

Twitter: @FarmhouseBeacon

Link to the Coronation Football League Premier Division: