West London, a lot of the time goes under the radar for the talent it has produced in the past. The likes of Bukayo Saka at Arsenal and Max Aarons at Norwich City have both 'made it' from Ealing and Hammersmith respectively to the big time.

Here are five teams from West London that you need to watch out for in the future:

1) Brentham

When you have Patrice Evra turn up and play for your team, you must be good! Even for this moment alone, they have to be on your list of teams to visit in 2021.

Tucked away in West Ealing, Brentham's pitch and facilities are not to be slept on. Founded in 1919, the Charter Standard club boasts three teams including a vets team for any players who still feel "they've got it" in their later years in life.


Twitter: @brenthamfc1919

Instagram: @brenthamfc

2) Larkspur Rovers

A team that plays in black and white will always get my vote (trying not to show my biased opinion!). Larkspur has been in the Northolt area for over 50 years with teams starting as early as under 7's all the way through Men's and Women's senior teams respectively.

Their most high-profile export just happens to be Brighton and Hove Albion's right-back Tariq Lamptey who recently came back to deliver some football kits to his former club as part of Adidas' Football Collective initiative.


Twitter: @LarkspurRovers

Instagram: @larkspur_roversfc

3) Hilltop FC

'Playing football the Hilltop way' - a phrase I heard myself saying a number of times this season. Having been put onto them at a pre-season tournament this year that they won, I've been hooked ever since. Based out of Wembley, Middlesex Stadium is where they call their footballing home where even the gaffer Abdullah is seen 'mucking in'.

Earlier this year they recently formed with NUR Women to develop a women's football team which is lead by Iqra Ismail, Somalia's first women's captain.

Last trophy-laden season hasn't slacked this year at all, already claiming their first taste of silverware after defeating Murcielagos FC 3-1 in the Islington Midweek league final.


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Instagram: @fchilltop

4) Indian Gymkhana FC

Indian Gymkhana Club was formed in the early 1980’s and is renowned as being the longest standing Asian sports club within the West London area.

The Indian Gymkhana brand itself dates further back from 1916 stating off with Cricket before branching out to Football and more recently Hockey.

With two teams competing in the Middlesex County leagues there's no excuse not to check out the well-established club at least once this season.


Twitter: @IndianGymHC

Instagram: @igfc_ssh

5) London Samurai Rovers

London Samurai Rovers Football Club are the only Japanese heritage club in the National League System in England.

This Saturday league side took their current form in 2018 after a merger of two Japanese heritage sides: London Samurai and JL Rovers. 


Twitter: @SamuraiRovers

Instagram: @london.samurai.rovers