1). Montel (Takers FC v Gower Allstars)

Montz-star aka Alphonso Davies is a problem y'all!

For me, he makes it into every starting XI in that left wing-back slot....DON'T @ ME!!!

You only need to check back this goal to see what he brings to the table.

Gower are no slouches either and there's a reason why they made it to 2019/20 London Cup final but the way Montz just glides past their defence and caresses it top bins is a thing of BEAUTY!

2). Rondo (Takers FC v Marcelona)

Another Takers worldie and not the last. Since the introduction of Apple Westcott to their management team, I've always said that the best decision he made is moving Rondo back into that deep-lying playmaker role where he can dictate the play.

Once upon a time a centre-forward, Rondo now is the 'Steven Gerrard of Takers central midfield area and with that comes a scorcher or two and by god the Takers captain did not disappoint. #MIKEY

3). Dara (Rising Ballers v SE Dons)

This one was a battle of the ages and a battle of the YouTube Football powerhouses.

Rising Ballers v SE Dons....West London v South London....Gaffer Maz + co vs. Don Strapzy + co.

Although it was a 'friendly' it certainly didn't feel like that and when Dara wrapped in the opener past Big G the whole Rising Ballers side erupted. The game eventually finished 2-0 but this one here was a finish that will be remembered for some time.

4). Magic (Takers FC v Starz FC)

Now it takes some effort to get me running onto a pitch like my life depended on it but you gotta go YOU GOTTA GO! (Sorry Ref!)

Takers FC v Starz FC was a friendly rivalry and double-header that had been brewing for some time, Omar Rowe + Aaron Clarke from Starz claimed that 6 points was on the cards so after game one ended 3-2 to Takers FC they had to save face to not leave 'Jurassic Park' with nothing.

Up steps MAGIC who as many have said is..."Magic by name, Magic by nature" and he showed that in abudance chipping Starz FC 'keeper Raven from at least 30 yards out.

5.) Motz (Grenfell Athletic v Richmond Saints)

This one will live long in the memory I tell ya!

Grenfell Athletic v Richmond Saints is another rival game that has provided some decent goals over the years but I'm sure none as good as this one.

Bearing in mind, my camera decided to die on me this game so in order to improvise I used my phone to capture the last 30 minutes and I'm soo glad I did.

As you can hear at the start of the video my words of encouragement in the form of "good delivery son" puts me in the Mesut Ozil hall of fame of cameraman assist books 🤣for Motz to then deliver a corner directly into the net.

Whether he meant it or not is only something he will know about but the goal speaks for itself.