1). Apple Westcott (Takers FC & MK Dons)

Apple is a passionate guy who will always tell you how it is! #NOFILTER

Apple currently works as a YTS Development Coach at MK Dons with players who are on the brink of making the first-team so he knows a thing a two about academies. So when this conversation with Apps leaned into young players who have been labelled "bad-eggs', the big man wasn't shy in coming forward and putting coaches on notice.....👀👀👀

2). Nick Wills (Banstead Rovers)

Nick is the creative mind behind all things Banstead Rovers. For that alone I have the upmost respect for him...even if he does support Chelsea FC 🤣🤣🤣

Banstead Rovers had played local rivals Barnes Eagles in a friendly earlier this year which saw Banstead Rovers win comfortably even with a man advantage. Despite the game finishing in Rovers favour, the smack-talk didn't finish there with Wills claiming that they would win the Premier Division in the Leatherhead and District league despite being a league a part.

After several playful (I think) back and forth's between both teams during the chat, Nick in the clip below decided repeatedly remind Eagles talisman Danny Campion know how many times their keeper picked the ball out of their net during their pre-season encounter.

3) Mr. DT (DT FC)

DT has often been compared to Marmite....I WONDER WHY? 🤔🤔🤔

His team named aptly after that AFTV regular currently compete in the Essex Alliance League alongside promotion hopefuls FC Baresi.

In the build-up to the game both teams were 'aware' of each others progress in the league with claims from Baresi that DT and friends came to watch them on a week-off against FC Petrocub to 'scout the opposition'.

However, DT recalls it differently which you can hear in the clip below where words that were exchanged between DT FC and FC Baresi players nearly lead to an invitation to the car park...and I'm pretty sure it wasn't too help jump a motor! 🤯🤯

4) Smiv (Palmers FC)

"It only takes that one clip to go viral"

Smiv from Palmers FC opened my eyes to the world of social media with this one. Despite being household names in the YouTube Football space, it wasn't always that way for the Essex-based club.

In the clip below, Tottenham Hotspur fan Smiv explains how a Kung-fu kick on one of his team-mates during a game lead to a massive peak in their social following for Palmers.

5). Jagga (AFC Southall)

Derby matches are often a feisty affair but when there's a heated backstory involved it ca often boil over . AFC Southall manager Jagga passed through to let off some steam with this one after a history that was had be brewing on the back burner for a hot-minute.

Club names similarities and banter taken a step too far was the tip of the iceberg that set Jagga off before this local West London rivalry between AFC Southall vs. Southall Athletic.