With the YouTube Football scene forever growing, it's always good to stay ahead of the curve. Here are five teams that I recommend you stay aware of over the next 12 months:

1) FC Ballr

These man are HILARIOUS! 不不不

Entertaining football, touchline banter and challenges after the game seal the deal for me. Decked out in green and black, the guys play their ball out of Essex Sunday Corinthian League and currently bossin' it at the top of the table. With a goal difference of +15 after 5 games, it proves that these ballers are not shot shy AT ALL!


Twitter: @FC_BALLR

Instagram: @fcballr


2) Acorn FC

Earlier this year I made the claim that these guys provide....the BEST commentary in YouTube football and I still stand by it!

Moaliciouss on the sidelines giving all the banter and guided by Coach Jamie...what more could you ask for?


Twitter: @Acorn_F_C

Instagram: @acornfootballclub

YouTube: Acorn FC

3) AC Cadoza

"Just A Sunday League Team That Loves Kicking Ball" is their motto on Twitter but between me and you they're more than that. The Luton-based collective have more jokes than a Kevin Hart DVD boxset. The cameraman is the most animated of them all with catchphrases like

Hes f*ckin killed him, hes got a family ref 不不不

Their only downside is they're not on Instagram....YET!

Here's a look at their latest video:

4) FC Infernos

You know when man are telling you 'Welcome to the furnace' it's gonna get hot in here like a Nelly video. Bringing the heat both on and off the pitch, you're never short of a feisty affair.

After a slow start to the ReplayMe League, Gaffer Bash and co have finally found their feet in their home of patch of North London.


Twitter: @FcInfernos

Instagram: @fcinfernos

YouTube: FC Infernos

5) Sporting Continental

Sporting Continental breed that winning mentality throughout the club from London Junior Cup Champions 19/20 to Southern Sunday Division 1 Champions 19/20.

Their match-day graphics are aesthetically pleasing to the eye whilst their commentary is both informative and as entertaining as anyone out there at the moment.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the clip below and leave a "you told me so" in the comments section.


Twitter: @Spcontinental

Instagram: @sp_continental

YouTube: Sporting Continental FC