5 Clubs From The Manchester AFL You Should Know About

It can be said that Manchester is one of the U.K.’s best-known footballing cities. Many Premier League legends have called this city home for the last 30 years, winning league titles and facing each other in fierce rivalries. Red or blue, United or City, you can find a love for the beautiful game throughout Manchester.

The Manchester Accountants Football League is for a group of grassroots teams across Greater Manchester. The teams play on school grounds and fitness centre courts, and they are going to resume the 2020/21 season in December.

Chorlton FC

Manchester United and Manchester City have many players of different nationalities, and the lesser-known Chorlton FC embraces multiculturalism as much as the professional teams. Its motto is “All nations, one team.”

Chorlton has two Brazilian players and one Italian. Player biographies can be found on YouTube and are a chance for fans to learn more about the team.

Altrincham and Hale FC

Table toppers Altrincham and Hale FC has seen a rapid growth in interest since its formation thirteen years ago. Volunteers work for the club on a weekly basis and cover a wide range of teams, as well as providing instruction for sport programs.

The club plays its games on various locations throughout Manchester, but it mainly uses artificial turf.

Northern Quarter FC

Northern Quarter has had two very big results to start this season. The team defeated PWC FC 8-1 and beat Saints FC 5-1, and it has 12 points from seven games.

The club was founded in 2014 and has been in the Manchester AFL ever since.

Lawds FC

Stretford is known for floods of Manchester United fans every weekend, but smaller numbers turn out for another nearby team: Lawds FC, which consists of 25 members. It started the season with a win over Ordsall Athletic, winning by five goals to four.

Sporting Manchester FC

You many have read this name and thought that Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United had merged together thanks to Bruno Fernandes. This is unfortunately not true, and it is the name of a Manchester AFL club.

Sporting Manchester was founded in 2002. The club prides itself of being well-funded and dedicated to providing its players with the chance to play football.